CSHS alumni Dr. Joshua Louis Lachowicz launches Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation Dr. Joshua Louis Lachowicz, a 1995 graduate of Cave Spring High School and a veterinary oncologist practicing in New York, has launched the Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation (JLACF), “a non-profit organization focused on raising money to help owners and families of pets in financial need to pay for the treatment of their animals’ cancer through a concerted effort of fundraising and music sales,” according to a JLACF press release. Even though Lachowicz practices in New York, he still hopes for the Foundation to help animals and their owners everywhere. “The Foundation is not limited to [New York] or any specific geographic location, so…even families in Roanoke can benefit,” Lachowicz said in an email. “One stipulation: the animal would need to be under the care of a veterinary oncologist (approved by the IRS to obtain our tax-exempt status). Currently, there are no oncologists in Roanoke, but there are a few within a few hours, including [North Carolina] and [Virginia].” Lachowicz, a singer/songwriter in addition to being a veterinary oncologist, recently released the album “Amazing Love,” all proceeds from which will benefit the Foundation’s cause. “Since we just launched the JLACF, we are currently in the fundraising state. [Our] hope is to accept applications next year,” Lachowicz said. “The ‘Amazing Love’ CD is our first fundraiser.” For more information, please click here or here. Read on for additional information from a press release about the Foundation and fundraiser, submitted by Lachowicz. Cover art for Dr. Lachowicz's album "Amazing Love," the proceeds from which will go towards the Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation. Performing under the stage name Joshua Louis, Dr. Lachowicz aims to create music inspired by pets, and to sell music to better their lives.  His latest 11-song, piano-solo album, “Amazing Love,” can be purchased on iTunes or in CD format directly from the foundation’s website.  The Foundation’s motto is “helping animals fight cancer… one song at a time”, and 100 percent of the profits generated from the sales of these original songs will directly benefit the Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation. “At the Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation, we understand the importance of providing animals with the opportunity to be with us for as long as possible,” said Joshua.  “Not only do listeners get to enjoy music inspired by pets, but each time a song is sold, an animal is saved!” Joshua began his musical endeavors by mastering the piano at a young age– an instant connection that rapidly parlayed into song writing.  While at Virginia Tech, Joshua continued to pursue his passion for music, headlining as an entertainer at various venues around the region. The creative arts have always served as a balance to Joshua’s medical career.  The life-altering experiences of dealing with cancer on a daily basis are reflected in the melodies and lyrics of his music.  This unique blend of talents and desire to help others is what serves as the foundation for the JLACF. Countless studies have documented the relationship between animal companionship and human physical and psychological health.  The Foundation recognizes that for many, their animals are their only Family.  Those in need span all age groups, and simply because they are unable to pay for treatment, the Foundation believes they should not be denied the opportunity to spend more quality time with their loved one. “I support the work of the JLACF because I know pets are important members of anyone’s Family.  When a beloved cat or dog has cancer, it is traumatic enough to their loved ones, but to not even have access to the proper medicine and treatment because of a financial situation is devastating. The JLACF is here to make sure everyone has the opportunity to receive proper oncologic attention as needed.  They care and they understand.” –Christine Nagy, DJ, 106.7 Lite FM (NYC) Dr.  Lachowicz practices at BluePearl Veterinary Partners (fka NYC Veterinary Specialists) in New York City.  A Virginia Tech alumnus, Joshua graduated in 2002 from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.  He completed an internship in small animal medicine/surgery in New York, which was followed by a residency in oncology in Connecticut.  He became a diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in 2006, specializing in oncology.    Joshua is a private practitioner who also plays an active role in teaching, researching and publishing. By blending his knowledge of medicine and music, he established the Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation (“JLACF”), a philanthropic effort to help both people and pets.  To learn more about Joshua’s music, please visit http://www.joshualouis.com.” - Avery Eliades

The Roanoke Times