Musician Joshua Louis releases new CD to benefit Save U.S. Pets Foundation Joshua Louis Lachowicz, a Cave Spring graduate who has been following his dream as a Veterinarian and as a musician has released his second CD. But this particular CD isn't just about his music, it's just as much about his love for animals. Lachowicz has teamed up with the Save U.S. Pets Foundation to create this CD. The foundation is a not for profit organization our of New Jersey that raises money for people who need financial assistance to pay for their pet's medical expenses. It's a very good organization and one that my hospital works with," Lachowicz said. "They are doing good for people and doing good for animal and i wanted to help them out. So Lachowicz contacted them last year with the idea to market and sell one of his songs, and in turn give all the proceeds from the song to the foundation. They loved the idea, in fact they wanted it to be more than just a song and do a whole CD out of it," he said. "They were funding the proejct so we were able to come up with a plan to put a few different songs on it. The CD consists of five songs total, including the title song, "My Special Friend" which Lachowicz wrote in memory of his dog Tyler who passed away. The way I coped with that loss was to write this song. It's basically about how he came into my life and had an impact on my life and that he is gone, but here in spirit. It celebrates the human-animal bond. The CD includes the song in several formats, including radio style and an acoustic version.  Another song on the CD is called "True to You" which Lachowicz says is about chasing your dreams in life and being strong and having faith that your dreams will come true. That's another song that I think people will be able to relate to," he said. The project which began last year is finally complete. Lachowicz said the debut of the 'My Special Friend' song debut during the U.S. Pets Foundation's annual Wine Festival last year and recording lasted from January to April. The CD became available for the first time in July. It's still waiting to be uploaded on iTunes, but it's available for digital download and for purchase on my website. So far the response has been phenomenal. It lets me touch people through my melodies and also to help those people that have lost a pet and deal with how they feel. I've been there. I feel really good about it because not only is it raising money for this foundation but it's putting my music out there and I feel that many people can connect to it. The CD can be purchased with a $10 donation or 99 cents a song. Lachowicz hopes to have it available via iTunes in just a few weeks. The donation is tax deductible Save U.S. Pets Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Lachowicz graduated from Cave Spring High School in 1995 and currently lives in Jersey City where he works as an Oncologist at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey. Over the pas year I've been playing my music three to four different shows a month. I've been keeping a really strong schedule playing. Its been a fun summer because I've had a lot of response from the music. People like it and I like the people. View Joshua Louis Lachowicz webiste at” - Emily Flora

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