From the recording My Special Friend

As most of you know, my 'day job' entails working as a Veterinary Oncologist... I spend my days treating cancer in dogs and cats. I have always had an incredible connection with animals, and I feel blessed to have a job that enables me to provide a longer, better quality of life for those animals I am fortunate enough to treat. Because of my affinity for animals, I donate some of my personal time to the Save U.S. Pets Foundation (, an organization that provides funds used for the necessary medical treatment of animals when their primary care providers have no other means. Through collaboration with them, I decided to donate the profits from the sale of the song "My Special Friend" to this incredible organization. Imagine an older person with nobody in their life besides their pet-- this organization can make the difference between the pet surviving or not, and extend the life of their human Family through the companionship the animal provides. I truly love this Foundation.


My Special Friend You came into my arms and right away you touched my heart. Your lovin’ smile, your sweet embrace, just like heavenly grace. You stayed here with me, but how was I to know, that you were going to leave, that you would have to go away. How could I have made it through the times when skies weren’t so blue? Each day with you was bright, and in the darkness always light. The day you had to leave, that sun just would not shine, and now you lay in peace, and I am left to cry. CHORUS Like fallen leaves, and melted snow. They’re two more things that come and go. When I’m down and it’s hard to see through the clouds, I know you’re here with me there’s no doubt. I know you’re right by my side. I’m movin’ on in life, but without you it’s hard to survive. I think about the times we shared to which nothin’ will compare. I know you’re up above lookin’ down with love. From now until the end you’ll always be my special friend. I think about you night and day, wonderin’ why it had to be this way. Back to Chorus