Joshua Louis was born and raised in the picturesque mountains of Virginia. The youngest of five children, Joshua always commanded a presence in the spotlight – a true entertainer from the start! Joshua has a zeal for music and began mastering the piano at a young age, and for a brief stint experimented with the trumpet and French horn.

Joshua studied all genres of music through grade school and college, and has trained in both classical and contemporary piano.

He began his performance career in church at the age of 14 and was leading the church choir in music and song by the age of 17! It wasn’t until Joshua won an audition to perform at his high school graduation that he found himself singing for the very first time in front of a very large audience. It was at that precise moment, in front of thousands of people, that Joshua became enlightened to his yearning to be a performer.

While at Virginia Tech, Joshua continued his endeavors in music, headlining as an entertainer at various venues. His performances have always showcased his original songs, which come from the heart of a soulful artist.

Currently residing on the scenic shore of Jersey City, this singer/songwriter, pianist and board-certified Veterinary Oncologist (oh yes, he is a cancer doctor for animals!...), derives inspiration from everyday life to create melodies that are both tangible and touching.

Although Joshua (Dr. Joshua!) currently works as an Oncologist at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in New York City, he also aspires to become an accomplished artist in the music industry. Joshua has a strong drive and passion for life, as evidenced by his noteworthy accomplishments.

Joshua has worked with Producers Ted Cruz (Instant Culture Music) and Dennis Michael Keefe (Tumble Dry Music).