Cave Spring alum pursues music career Joshua Lachowicz plans to connect to people through his songs. Joshua Lachowicz first became intersted in music at a young age. When he was in the first and second grade it was his neighbor who had musical talent that inspired him. I ended up taking piano lessons and it was an instant fit," Lachowicz said. Since then Lachowicz's passion for music hasn't changed, just his location. Lachowicz grew up in the Cave Spring area, the baby of five siblings. He graduted in 1995 from Cave Spring High and pursued his undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech and doctor of veterinary medicine from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Now 31 years old, Lachowicz lives in Jersey City and currently works as an works as a veterinary oncologist at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey. He has also released his first demo CD. He began recording his music for this CD in December of 2007 and finished it in March. He uses the stage name, Joshua Louis. He composes his original music and lyrics, and worked with Producer Ted Cruz (Instant Culture Music) on three of his songs: "Smile," "Dance With My Soul," and "The Other Side of Me" on his demo. Q Why make a demo? A "The goal of doing the demo is to distribute it to as many people and places as possible," Lachowicz said. "It's like a resume for the music industry. I want to illustrate what I can do as a songwriter, as a singer, and musician, hoping that someone will see it and say 'Hey, we like this guy, he has potential.' " Q What instruments do you play? A I can play the piano, the trumpet, and the french horn. I actually never sang in public until the Cave Spring High School graduation. I was singing to myself in math class and this girl sitting beside me said, "Wow, you have a really nice voice." She wanted us to sing for graduation and we tried out and made it. During that time I started wirting my own songs and lyrics for the piano. It was senior year of high school that I really started to do my own kind of music and put my own spin on it. Q What kind of music do you play? A It is pop, rock and roll, adult contemporary, pop-rock. Q Why have your chosen to pursue music more? A Music has always been a foundation for me. It's something I've always come back to. I know whatever I have going on during my day I can come home and have my music. In my job as a veterinarian I'm entwined in people's life and the thing I like best is the connection I have with people. I want people to experience those emotions that I put into my songs. Q Describe to me one of your songs? A I would describe it as a soulful journey through everyday life and being able to realize in that, many of the hidden aspects that we go through on a day to day basis. It's a muscial representation of that. Q What are your other passions? A Besides music, I love animals, spending time in the city and the energy. I love spending time observing people and going out for good food and drinks with friends and family. I love spending time with my family in Virginia and doing things outdoors, anything that puts me in a social atmosphere. Joshua Louis is Lachowicz's stage name and his demo is not on sale. His music can be purchased on iTunes. However, if he chooses to sell his CDs, he said the proceeds will go to paying animals' medical bills to those who can't afford it. "That is one thing I admire about celebrities and athletes. They provide something for us, but bring attention to charitable causes. I'd love to be able to give back to the community, not only to the world, my song." Check out Lachowicz's music on iTunes or on his Web site,” - Emily Flora

— The Roanoke Times